Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG!

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Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG! Empty Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG!

Post by Aladar on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:47 pm

In a land known as the Pridelands, a new cub is born & he goes by the name Simba. He is the destined future king of the Pridelands. But soon, the kingdom will recieve a new, yet strange visitor. One that'll be a prince in a whole new lands out in the Pacific Ocean! Join us in this adventure when 2 worlds collide!

1. No god-modding: a two-month old lion cub can't survive a full attack from an adult hyena. God-modding refers to using unrealistic scenarios to make your character mightier.
2. All animals can speak
3. No meta-gaming: Meta-gaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to (such as tricking a Medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of Medusa and should not be aware of her petrifying stare)
4. No auto-hitting: Auto-hitting is when someone attacks another role-player without giving the other player a say in what happens.
(Example: *Cuts off head* instead of *He attempts to swing his sword at your neck*)
5. Death is final: Once your character dies it cannot return to life.
6. Maturity has a limit: Since this is a Disney/Godzilla RPG, it's rated PG for acts of violence that come across in the Disney universe. The following practices are forbidden in role-play, however can be hinted to: sexual intercourse of any kind, self-mutilation, and suicide.
7. While creating an OC(original character) use the horoscope for help(optional).
8. Have a motive to kill: If you are going to kill someone, have a motive. You can't just kill someone for the sake of it, as there is no reason to. If your character wishes to kill the other character both players must agree on the fact that the character will be killed.
9. The only non-playable characters(NPC's) can only be miscellaneous allies/enemies or prey items.

Regestration sheet!

*center image here
Age: Cub: 0-2 years; Adolescent: 2-3 years; Adult: 3-12 years; Elder: 12-18 years(change cub to something else if it's another species)
Pride: If none leave blank.(there are also rogues who live alone)
Rank: If no special rank is held, just place Adult, Adolescent, or Cub.

Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG! 576220_548098375221698_1109791762_n
Name: Godzilla Jr
Age: hatchling (not hatched yet)
Gender: male
Species: Godzillasaurus
Pride: N/A
Rank: hatchling
Appearance: Godzilla is Japanese linage of 400 ft tall radioactive dinosaurs that's been thriving since the year 1954. This Godzilla however is small. Only the size of a lion at about 6 ft tall & 6 ft long. With tyrannosaurian-like features with 4 fingered hands. He's a greyish/ greenish color with little white bumps running down his back.
Personality: He's just as cute as he can be. But he gets more playfull as he grows older. But into a serious kaju when full grown.
Family: none
Biography: Born from an Atomic Bomb in 1954, Godzilla has been terrorizing the country of Japan for a long time. Often, he would adopt a son & raise it as his own son, teaching it how to become the new King of the Monsters. He maybe an anti-hero to humans, but he's also the guardian & savior of the earth as he's faced monster threats from both Earth & outer space, like King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Spacegodzilla, Destroyah, & Hedorah. This Godzillasaur egg was abandoned & was somehow washed up to Africa & ended up in the Pridelands.

Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG! Lion-k10
Name: Scar
Age: 7 years
Gender: male
Species: African Lion
Pride: Pridelanders (for now)
Rank: Adult
Appearance: Scar is a little on the skinny side, but that doesn't mean he's weak as he says he is a strong member of the pride. He is a dark brown color with a dark tan underbelly. His mane & hair on his tail are solid black. & the most distinctive feature is a scar located on his right eye.
Personality: Scar is the jealous type, but evil at the same time. He wants nothing more than to try & get rid of his nephew, Simba, & dethrone Mufasa to claim the "throne"to his own name.
Family: Mufasa (older brother), Sirabi (sister in law), Simba (nephew), Ahadi (dad), Uru (mom)
Biography: Scar is the younger brother of Mufasa. He was born 2nd. It is said that he received his scar by his father. He was promised to be king of the Pridelands one day. But alas, his dreams were ruined when Mufasa claimed the throne instead of him. Now his reputation is at threat even more cause his nephew, Simba, is now one day destined to become king. This makes his blood boil inside!

Kaijuland! A Godzilla/ Lion King crossover RPG! Sarabi
Name: Sarabi
Age: Adult: 7 years
Gender: female
Species: African Lion
Pride: Pridelanders
Rank: Queen of the Pridelands
Appearance: Sarabi is a heavily built, dark beige lioness who stands nose height to Scar, which makes her one of the larger queens to rule. Her nose is brown and her chin is prominent, but the rest of her features are graceful and feminine, especially her orange eyes and ears, which are rimmed with brown, which is also something she passes onto her son, Simba. Her paws are also colored. 
Personality: She is shown to be cool, calm, and collected in most situations, and is also shown as a proud and loving mother. Her personality is firm. 
Family: Mufasa (mate/husband), Simba (son), Scar (brother-in-law), Sarafina (friend)
Biography: Sarabi is the Queen of the Pridelands & Mufasa's mate & Simba's loving mother. She is also the leader of the hunting party in the pride.

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