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Post by Dragaunus on Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:09 pm

Here, you may read & learn more about the villains that I have claimed over the course of the RPG. Some may look familiar, while others you may not have. So lets begin!
1. The Horned King
Dragaunus's Legion of Villains L
Undoubtedly one of Disney's most evil & most horrific villains, The Horned King represents pure deliberate & hellish evil. He is true hatred incarnate. Ruthless, merciless & sinister, The Horned King is definitely one of the most serious Disney villains, as he never makes any kind of joke (his taunting of Taran, Eilonwy and Fflewddur Fflam not withstanding) and he always maintains his frightening and villainous image no matter what the situation. With a sinister mind to construct devious & evil plans, he does not tolerate failure from his servants with no regards of their lives & will go through any obstacle to achieve his goals. His main goal is to retrieve the powerful relic known as The Black Cauldron & use it's hellish powers to bring the army of the dead named The Cauldron Born. With the Cauldron's power, The Horned King wishes nothing more then to become a God among all mortals & to spread fear & tyranny across all realms. Yet already he commands a vast force of ruthless barbarians & hoards of monsters such as fiendish Dragons. Even his very appearance makes him feel like he does not belong in the Disney universe. He is described as an elderly and sinister emperor with antler horns and a crimson-red robed covering undead skin of his body which indicates his appearance to be ghoulish & demonic.

2. Davy Jones
Dragaunus's Legion of Villains DaveyJones
Inspired from the legendary lore & tales of the sea & pirates of Davy Jone's Locker, Davy Jones strikes fear into all who see his massive ghostly ship, The Flying Dutchman & all who would dare cross him in his waters. Jones is often depicted as the Devil and/or The Tyrant of all the 7 sea's. The Jailer of the damned and all those who die at sea & pass through Davy Jone's Locker. Near their death, all those who are about to pass to the afterlife are soon taken onto his ship, The Flying Dutchman & are sworn to serve the heartless pirate lord for 100 years. Ruthless, heartless, & tyrannical, Davy Jones is often easily angered & intolerable towards failure & defeat. He commands an entire legion of ruthless pirates who have served him for may years & already show many features such as sharks, fish, & other sea fauna. He also commands a hulking, monstrous creature of the deep known by legend as The Kraken. His appearance is as gruesome as he is terrifying. As this was a result from a tragic event that occurred in his past. After feeling betrayed by the sea goddess, Calypso, Jones carved his own heart out of himself & placed it in a chest, where he then hid it from the rest of the world. This was soon to become the infamous Dead Man's Chest of legend. Like villains such as The Horned King, Davy Jones is one of the view more serious villains as he keeps a more mysterious & sinister tone in his character. Always famous for his catch phrase "Do you fear Death."

3. Professor Ratigan
Dragaunus's Legion of Villains Professor_Ratigan
Inspired my the character Professor Moriarty from Arthur Conan Doyles "Sherlock Homes", Ratigan is one of the great classic villains of the Disney franchise. He represents the classic, delicious & fun loving evil villains we all love to hate. He is a villain who shows class & even wears the typical villainous outfit with a black cape & dark top hat But in spite of this, he is, nonetheless, a sinister, devious, cold hearted individual known to many as the worlds greatest criminal mind. His evil genius allows him to construct & plan many devious scenarios to fool & trick his enemies at to further reach for his goal for domination. He commands his own legion of criminals in which he uses to carry out his plans. But like most villains, he has also shown to have monstrous ego, believing he is superior to his rivals & does not tolerate failure & is VERY easily angered. As seen in the movie, Ratigan has also shown to have a "Jekyll & Hyde" persona, at times of extreme anger, he will resort to blood thirsting violence. With the voice talent of the legendary Vincent Price, he is a villain that everyone loves & hates.

4. Bill Sykes
Dragaunus's Legion of Villains Bill_Sykes
A cruel, cold hearted business man, Sykes cares nothing more in the world then his own criminal business & fortune. Inspired by the character from Charles Dicken's "Oliver Twist", Sykes is a man no one would want to bargain with. He is another one of the more serious Disney Villains with a much more dark tone to his character. Either it's from stealing or kidnapping, Sykes is a man who will do anything to accomplish his goals.

& last but certainly not least...

5. Lord Dragaunus
Dragaunus's Legion of Villains Dragaunus_by_bennythebeast-d5bbyt1
A villains that deserved much reputation & respect in the Disney franchise, he is one of the villains that are not well know compared to other larger names such as Jafar or Scar. But nonetheless, he is true evildoer & a perfect addition to the franchise. The last Overlord of a long race known as the Saurians, Dragaunus can be classified as one of the great overlord villains. A sinister hulking creature with means of domination & total conquest. He is intelligent, crafty, ruthless & heartless. With no regards for the lives of those who he considers unworthy & beneath him. Using any means to reach his goals. With his evil genius he has constructed several advanced devices in which he uses for his evil purposes. With an army of drones & space ships, Dragaunus has much power behind him & to himself. Able to unleash hoards of his forces upon his enemies in a single strike. He has also shown to have a great deal of strategic intellect, able to construct several plans & fall back plans before his enemies can ever think of a first plan. However, he is forced to deal with minions who are not so intellectual & most often, his plans are ruined because of his minions, forcing himself to do the work himself. Time again, he has always shown to have a monstrous ego. Always believing that he is above everyone & use any means to prove his rightful place in his plans for domination. He does not take kindly to failure or others who try to take what is his. Though he has been known to form alliances to crush his enemies, but as always, he always gets his way of any bargain. Either by betraying his so called "allies" or letting his enemies defeat them.

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