The Great Migration

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The Great Migration Empty The Great Migration

Post by Aladar on Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:10 pm

A plot that will happen after the Scarab plot & the Dragaunus take over plot, it's not a fighting type of plot, it's an adventure kind of plot, all taking inspiration from the Discovery Channel documentary March of the Dinosaurs. After the Scarab has been destroyed and the Pridelands have been returned to normal, Aladar will discover that when Dragaunus first attacks, a very good percentage of his dinosaur herd has been destroyed. So he comes up with a desicion, to take the remainder of his herd and make a journey of great porportions, one that'll be epic! To see if there are more dinosaurs that need a home and kindlly take them to the Pridelands for safety. Terrence the T-rex and Carn the Carnotaurus (my futurs character) will stay because they don't migrate with them being dinosaurs. When Aladar returns to the Pridelands, he has with him a brand new herd, most of the dinosaur species will also be from the Disney movie Fantasia- Rite of Spring.

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